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"I contacted Bonitatibus glove service because I quickly needed replacing repair on my glove from high school softball days and one from my youth. Since I don't live very close, I shipped it. It was delivered on a Monday, and I just received it back today (Wednesday)! They look great, and I can't wait for my little guy to try out the small one. Thanks so much!! Great customer service!" - Jeanette M.

"With my son playing baseball 6 days a week, having time to fix the laces on his catchers glove was impossible to find...until I found Gary at Bonitatibus! Dropped off at noon on a snowy Sat and picked it up that same day. Even better: my son said it was like buying a brand new glove already broken in. Highly recommend! Thanks Gary!" - Tom E.

"Thanks so much for your quick turn around! Dropped this off Sunday afternoon - yes Sunday afternoon - and it was ready a couple of hours later. Great service, great price. So glad to have found you versus getting a new glove and shipping the broken one off somewhere to be repaired. He hasn't used it yet, but the glove looks great." - Tom M.

"Just had Gary restring my 20-year-old glove and it looks and feels great. Thanks so much! Will definitely recommend you to all of my teammates!"- Jeff H.

"Excellent job restringing battered glove, making it look and feel showroom new. Very honest. Put my faith back that there are good, reliable people still around that are proud of their work at a reasonable price. Thank you and use with extreme confidence." - Glenn R.

"Just had son's glove tightened up and adjusted. 1 day turn around and glove feels perfect. Before you buy new mitt talk to Gary. Very affordable too." - Chris D.

"Thanks so much for putting the "magic" back into my husband's 40 year old glove. He wanted to keep his memories and create new ones with his kids (and his glove). Thanks for reviving his glove so quickly." - Mary C.

"Thank you for doing a fantastic job fixing my glove Gary! It was great finding someone local in the Philadelphia area to do the repair. I appreciate the 2 day turnaround and great pricing." - Chris S.

"Dropped my son's glove off on a Thursday for replacing, and it was ready to be picked up on Saturday. Great work and fast turnaround, will definitely recommend to others!" - Sue M.

"I found Gary online and had him completely re-lace the glove I've been using for the past 10 years. The leather was in pretty good shape, but the laces were shot. In just two days Gary had my glove ready to go and it's just like new. If you need to get a glove repaired, this is the guy to do it. Great work." - Mike L.

"I found Gary and his business on the web and brought him a catcher's mitt that was my father's from the 1960's. The glove was well broken in with a great pocket that was the right size for my 9 year old. However, the lacing had literally rotted away. Gary replaced all the lacing and the glove is good as ever. His turn around time was amazing and I could not beat the price. Thanks to Gary and his service I am able to save a family heirloom, provide my son with a broken in mitt that is the perfect size for him and save money in the process. I highly recommend using Gary." - Patrick D.

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